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Species name (Meaning) Section Habit Plant Flower (Colour) Trap Distribution
Utricularia adpressa
Salzm. ex A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(Lat. 'appressus': appressed)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia adpressa 7Utricularia adpressa - Blüte   Central and South America (BZ, TT, VE, GY, SR, GF, BR)
Utricularia albiflora
R. Br. 1810
(Lat. 'albus', 'flos': white, flower)
Pleiochasia terrestrial   1   Australia (QLD)
Utricularia albocaerulea
Dalz. 1851
(Lat. 'albus', 'caeruleus': white, dark blue)
Oligocista terrestrial   3   Asia (IN)
Utricularia alpina
Jacq. 1763
(Lat. 'alpinus': high mountainous)
Orchidioides epiphytic,
Utricularia alpina 1Utricularia alpina - BlüteUtricularia alpina 'Pittier Moon' - Blüte Utricularia alpina - Fangblase Central and South America (Antilles, Caribbean, CO, VE, GY, SR, BR)
Utricularia amethystina
Salzm. ex A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia amethystina 2Utricularia amethystina - BlüteUtricularia amethystina - Blüte Utricularia amethystina - Fangblase Central and South America (tropical and subtropical), North America (Florida)
Utricularia amotape-huancabambensis
T. Henning, E. Rodr. & J. P. Allen 2021
(Habitat: Amotape-Huancabamba)
Orchidioides epiphytic   3   South America (PE)
Utricularia andongensis
Welw. ex Hiern. 1900
(Origin: Pungo Andongo, AO)
Oligocista lithophytic,
Utricularia andongensis 7Utricularia andongensis - Blüte   Africa (tropical)
Utricularia antennifera
P. Taylor 1986
(Lat. 'antenna': antenna)
Pleiochasia terrestrial   6Utricularia antennifera - Blüte   Australia (WA)
Utricularia appendiculata
E. A. Bruce 1934
(Lat. 'appendiculum': small addition)
Oliveria terrestrial Utricularia appendiculata 1Utricularia appendiculata - Blüte Utricularia appendiculata - Fangblase Africa (CM, GA, CF, TZ, BI, UG, ZR, MZ, MW, ZW, ZM), MG
Utricularia arcuata
Wight 1849
(Lat. 'arcus': curve/bow)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia arcuata 3Utricularia arcuata - Blüte Utricularia arcuata - Fangblase Asia (IN)
Utricularia arenaria
A. Dc. 1844
(Lat. 'arena': sand)
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia arenaria 2Utricularia arenaria - Blüte Utricularia arenaria - Fangblase Africa (tropical and south), Asia (IN), MG
Utricularia arnhemica
P. Taylor 1986
(Origin: Arnhem Land, Australia)
Pleiochasia aquatic,
Utricularia arnhemica 3Utricularia arnhemica - BlüteUtricularia arnhemica - Blüte Utricularia arnhemica - Fangblase Australia (NT)
Utricularia asplundii
P. Taylor 1975
(Collector: Asplund (Sweden) )
Orchidioides epiphytic,
Utricularia asplundii 1Utricularia asplundii - BlüteUtricularia asplundii - Blüte Utricularia asplundii - Fangblase South America (CO, EC)
Utricularia aurea
Lour. 1790
(Lat. 'aureus': golden)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia aurea 7Utricularia aurea - Blüte Utricularia aurea - Fangblase Asia (IN, CN, JP, PK, TH, Borneo,...), Australia (WA, NT, QLD, NSW)
Utricularia aureomaculata
Steyerm. 1953
(Lat. 'aureus', 'macula': golden, stain)
Steyermarkia lithophytic Utricularia aureomaculata 7Utricularia aureomaculata - Blüte Utricularia auremaculata - Fangblase South America (VE)
Utricularia australis
R. Br. 1810
(Lat. 'australis': southern)
Utricularia aquatic
  7   Australia (WA, SA, VIC, NSW, TAS, NT), NZ
Utricularia babui
S. R.Yadav, S. & S. P. Gaikwad 2005
(Botanist: C. R. Babu (IN) )
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia babui 3Utricularia babui - BlüteUtricularia babui - Blüte Utricularia babui - Fangblase Asia (IN, TH)
Utricularia beaugleholei
Gassin 1993
(Collector: A. C. Beauglehol (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia beaugleholei 3Utricularia beaugleholei - BlüteUtricularia beaugleholei - Blüte Utricularia beaugleholei - Fangblase Australia (NSW, VIC, SA)
Utricularia benjaminiana
Oliv. 1860
(Botanist: L. Benjamin (DE) )
Utricularia aquatic
(affixed or
Utricularia benjaminiana 3Utricularia benjaminiana - Blüte   Africa (tropical), MG, Central and South America (HN, NI, TT, VE, BR, SR, GF, GY)
Utricularia benthamii
P. Taylor 1986
(Botanist: G. Bentham (Britain) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia benthamii 3Utricularia benthamii - Blüten Utricularia benthamii - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia biceps
Gonella & Baleeiro 2018
(La. 'biceps': two-headed)
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia biceps 3Utricularia biceps - Blüte Utricularia biceps - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia bifida
L. 1753
(Lat. 'bi', 'fidum': two, point)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia bifida 7Utricularia bifida - BlüteUtricularia bifida - Blüte Utricularia bifida - Fangblase Asia (IN to JP), Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia biloba
R. Br. 1810
(Lat. 'bi', 'lobus': two, lobe)
Nelipus subaquatic,
Utricularia biloba 3Utricularia biloba - Blüte Utricularia biloba - Fangblase mit Milbe Australia (NSW, QLD)
Utricularia biovularioides
(Kuhlm) P. Taylor 1986
(Lat. 'bi', 'ovum': two, egg)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia biovularioides 1Utricularia biovularioides - Blüte   South America (BR)
Utricularia bisquamata
Schrank 1824
(Lat. 'bi', 'squama': two, spot)
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia bisquamata 2Utricularia bisquamata - BlütenUtricularia bisquamata - BlütenUtricularia bisquamata 'Giftberg' - Blüte Utricularia bisquamata - Fangblase Africa (ZA), MG
Utricularia blackmanii
R. W. Jobson 2012
(Collector: Blackman (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial   3   Australia (QLD)
Utricularia blanchetii
A. Dc. 1844
(Collector: Blanchet (France) )
Aranella lithophytic,
Utricularia blanchetii 2Utricularia blanchetii - BlüteUtricularia blanchetii - Blüte Utricularia blanchetii - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia bosminifera
Ostenf. 1906
(Allusion: Bosmina (Crustaceae) )
Oligocista subaquatic,
Utricularia bosminifera 7Utricularia bosminifera - Blüte Utricularia bosminifera - Fangblase Asia (TH)
Utricularia brachiata
(Wight) Oliv. 1859
(Lat. 'brachium': arm)
Phyllaria lithophytic 1   Asia (NP, IN, BT, MM, CN)
Utricularia bracteata
Good 1924
(Lat. 'bractea': bract)
Nigrescentes terrestrial   7   Africa (AO, ZR, ZM)
Utricularia bremii
Heer 1830
(Botanist: J. Bremi (Switzerland) )
Utricularia aquatic
(affixed or
Utricularia bremii 7Utricularia bremii - Blüte Utricularia bremii - Fangblase Europe (DE,...)
Utricularia breviscapa
Wright ex Griseb. 1866
(Lat. 'brevis', 'scapus': short, shaft)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia breviscapa 7Utricularia breviscapa - Blüte   Central and South America (Antilles, CU, GY,VE, CO, EC, BR, BO, PY, AR)
Utricularia buntingiana
P. Taylor 1975
(Collector: G. S. Bunting (America) )
Orchidioides epiphytic   3   South America (VE)
Utricularia caerulea
L. 1753
(Lat. 'caeruleus': dark blue)
Nigrescentes terrestrial Utricularia caerulea 2Utricularia caerulea - BlüteUtricularia caerulea - Blüte Utricularia caerulea - Fangblase Asia (IN to JP), Australia (WA, NT, NSW, QLD), MG
Utricularia calycifida
Benj. 1847
(Bot. Calyx, Lat. 'fidum': calyx, point)
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia calycifida 2Utricularia calycifida - Blüte Utricularia calycifida - Fangblase South America (VE, GY, SR, BR)
Utricularia campbelliana
Oliv. 1887
(Collector: Campbell (Britain) )
Orchidioides epiphytic Utricularia campbelliana 5Utricularia campbelliana - BlüteUtricularia campbelliana - Blüte Utricularia campbelliana - Fangblase South America (VE, GY, BR)
Utricularia capilliflora
F. Muell. 1890
(Lat. 'capillus', 'flos': hair, flower)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia capilliflora 6Utricularia capilliflora - Blüte   Australia (NT)
Utricularia cecilii
P. Taylor 1984
(Collector: Father Cecil Saldanha S. J. (IN) )
Oligocista terrestrial   3   Asia (IN)
Utricularia cheiranthos
P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'cheir', 'anthos': hand, flower)
Pleiochasia terrestrial   4Utricularia cheiranthos - Blüte   Australia (NT)
Utricularia chiribiquetensis
A. Fernandez 1964
(Origin: Cerro de Chiribiquete, CO)
Oligocista terrestrial   7Utricularia chiribiquetensis - Blüte   South America (CO, VE)
Utricularia choristotheca
P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'choristos', 'theke': distant, theca)
Choristothecae rheophytic   7   South America (SR, GF)
Utricularia christopheri
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: Christopher Grey-Wilson (Britain) )
Phyllaria lithophytic   1   Asia (NP, IN)
Utricularia chrysantha
R. Br. 1810
(Lat. 'chrysos', Gr. 'anthos': golden, flower)
Enskide terrestrial Utricularia chrysantha 7Utricularia chrysantha - BlüteUtricularia chrysantha 'Noonamah' - Blüte Utricularia chrysantha - Fangblase Asia (PG), Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia circumvoluta
P. Taylor 1986
(Lat. 'circum', 'volutus': round, to roll)
Oligocista terrestrial   7   Australia (NT, QLD)
Utricularia cornuta
Michx. 1803
(Lat. 'cornus': horn)
Stomoisia subaquatic,
Utricularia cornuta 7Utricularia cornuta - Blüte Utricularia cornuta - Fangblase North America (CA, US), Central America (BS, CU)
Utricularia corynephora
P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'koryne', 'pherein': club, to bear)
Phyllaria lithophytic 3   Asia (MM, TH)
Utricularia costata
P. Taylor 1986
(Lat. 'costa': rib)
Aranella lithophytic Utricularia costata 3Utricularia costata - Blüte   South America (VE, BR)
Utricularia cucullata
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(Lat. 'cucullus': hood)
Vesiculina aquatic
Utricularia cucullata 3Utricularia cucullata - BlüteUtricularia cucullata - Blüte   South America (TT, VE, GY, SR, GF, BR)
Utricularia cymbantha
Welw. ex Oliv. 1865
(Gr. 'kymba', 'anthos': skiff, flower)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia cymbantha 1Utricularia cymbantha - Blüte   Africa (ET, SD, UG, Congo, ZM, AO, BW, Transvaal), MG
Utricularia delicatula
Cheeseman 1906
(La. 'delicatus': delightful)
Australes terrestrial Utricularia delicatula 3Utricularia delicatula - Blüte Utricularia delicatula - Fangblase NZ
Utricularia delphinioides
Thorel. ex Pellegr. 1920
(Gr. 'delphis': dolphin)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia delphinioides 3Utricularia delphinioides - BlüteUtricularia delphinioides - Blüte Utricularia delphinioides - Fangblase Asia (TH, Indochina)
Utricularia determanii
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: R. O. Determann (America) )
Choristothecae rheophytic   1   South America (SR)
Utricularia dichotoma
Labill. 1804
(Gr. 'dichos', 'tomos': twofold, cut)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia dichotoma 3Utricularia dichotoma - Blüte Utricularia dichotoma - Fangblase Australia (WA, SA, VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD)
Utricularia dimorphanta
Makino 1906
(Gr. 'di', 'morpha', 'anthos': two, form, flower)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia dimorphanta 7 Utricularia dimorphanta - Fangblase Asia (JP)
Utricularia dunlopii
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: C. R. Dunlop (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia dunlopii 6Utricularia dunlopii - Blüte   Australia (WA, NT)
Utricularia dunstaniae
F. E. Lloyd 1936
(Collector: Mrs. William Dunstan (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial   6Utricularia dunstaniae - Blüte   Australia (WA, NT)
Utricularia endresii
Rchb. F. 1874
(Collector: A. R. Endres (Britain) )
Orchidioides epiphytic Utricularia endresii 3Utricularia endresii - Blüte Utricularia endresii - Fangblase Central and South America (CR, PA, CO, EC)
Utricularia erectiflora
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(La. 'erecus', 'flos': upright, flower)
Oligocista terrestrial   7Utricularia erectiflora - Blüte   Central and South America (NI, BZ, VE, CO, EC, BO, GY, SR, BR)
Utricularia fimbriata
Kunth 1818
(La. 'fimbriae': fringe, end)
Aranella terrestrial   7   South America (VE, CO)
Utricularia firmula
Welw. ex Oliv. 1865
(La. 'firmus': strong, stable, firm)
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia firmula 7Utricularia firmula - Blüte Utricularia firmula - Fangblase Africa (tropical and south), MG
Utricularia fistulosa
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'fistula': tube, pipe)
Pleiochasia aquatic
1Utricularia fistulosa - Blüte   Australia (WA)
Utricularia flaccida
A. Dc. 1844
(La. 'flaccidus': flabby, feeble)
Avesicaria terrestrial Utricularia flaccida 7Utricularia flaccida - Blüte Utricularia flaccida - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia floridana
Nash 1896
(Origin: Florida, USA)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia floridana 7Utricularia floridana - Blüte Utricularia floridana - Fangblase North America (US)
Utricularia foliosa
L. 1753
(La. 'folium': leaf)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia foliosa 7Utricularia foliosa - Blüte   Africa (tropical), MG, Central and South America (MX, VE, PE, BO, BR, CU,...), North America (US)
Utricularia forrestii
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: G. Forrest (Britain) )
Phyllaria lithophytic   3   Asia (MM, CN)
Utricularia foveolata
Edgew. 1847
(La. 'fovea': pit, pitfall)
Oligocista subaquatic,
  3   Africa (tropical), MG, Asia (IN, CN, TH, PH, Java), Australia (QLD)
Utricularia fulva
F. Muell. 1858
(La. 'fulvus': yellow, tawny)
Enskide subaquatic,
Utricularia fulva 6Utricularia fulva - Blüte Utricularia fulva - Fangblase Australia (NT)
Utricularia furcellata
Oliv. 1859
(La. 'furca': fork)
Phyllaria lithophytic   1Utricularia furcellata - Blüte   Asia (IN)
Utricularia garrettii
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'fimbriae': H. B. G. Garrett (Britain) )
Phyllaria lithophytic   3   Asia (TH)
Utricularia geminiloba
Benj. 1847
(La. 'geminus', 'lobus': double, lobe)
Orchidioides lithophytic,
Utricularia geminiloba 3Utricularia geminiloba - Blüte Utricularia geminiloba - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia geminiscapa
Benj. 1847
(La. 'geminus', 'scapus': double, beam)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia geminiscapa 7 Utricularia geminiscapa - Fangblase North America (CA, US)
Utricularia geoffrayi
Pellegr. 1920
(Collector: Geoffray (France) )
Meionula terrestrial Utricularia geoffrayi 3Utricularia geoffrayi - Blüte Utricularia geoffrayi - Fangblase Asia (KH, TH, VN)
Utricularia georgei
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: A. George (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia georgei 1Utricularia georgei - Blüte   Australia (WA)
Utricularia gibba
L. 1753
(La. 'gibbus': hump)
Utricularia aquatic
(affixed or
Utricularia gibba 7Utricularia gibba - Blüte Utricularia gibba - Fangblase Africa (north to south), Asia (...), Europe (ES, PT,...), Australia (QLD, NT, WA, NSW), MG, North America (CA, US), Central and South America (MX to AR), NZ
Utricularia graminifolia
Vahl. 1804
(La. 'gramen', 'folium': grass, leaf)
Oligocista subaquatic,
Utricularia graminifolia 3Utricularia graminifolia - BlüteUtricularia graminifolia - Blüte Utricularia graminifolia - Fangblase Asia (IN, LK, MM, TH, CN)
Utricularia guyanensis
A. Dc. 1844
(Origin: GY, South America)
Stylotheca terrestrial   7Utricularia guyanensis - Blüte   Central and South America (HN, NI, VE, GY, SR, GF, BR)
Utricularia hamiltonii
F. E. Lloyd 1936
(Collector: Hamilton (Australia) )
Pleiochasia aquatic
  3Utricularia hamiltonii - Blüte   Australia (NT)
Utricularia helix
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'helix': helix)
Pleiochasia aquatic
3   Australia (WA)
Utricularia heterochroma
Steyerm. 1953
(Gr. 'heteros', 'khroma': other, colour)
Mirabiles rheophytic Utricularia heterochroma 1Utricularia heterochroma - Blüte Utricularia heterochroma - Fangblase South America (VE)
Utricularia heterosepala
Benj. 1847
(Gr. 'heteros': other + sepal)
Oligocista subaquatic Utricularia heterosepala 3Utricularia heterosepala - Blüte Utricularia heterosepala - Fangblase Asia (PH)
Utricularia hintonii
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: G. B. Hinton (America) )
Foliosa lithophytic   1Utricularia hintonii - Blüte   Central America (MX)
Utricularia hirta
Klein ex Link 1820
(La. 'hirtus': hairy, shaggy)
Meionula terrestrial Utricularia hirta 3Utricularia hirta Utricularia hirta - Fangblase Asia (BD, Borneo, LK, IN, Indochina, TH)
Utricularia hispida
Lam. 1791
(La. 'hispidus': hairy, rough)
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia hispida 2Utricularia hispida - Blüte Utricularia hispida - Fangblase Central and South America (MX to BR)
Utricularia holtzei
F. Muell. 1893
(Collector: M. Holtze (Australia) )
  1Utricularia holtzei - BlüteUtricularia holtzei - Blüte   Australia (NT)
Utricularia humboldtii
R. H. Schomb. 1841
(Scientist: A. von Humboldt (DE) )
Orchidioides aquatic-
Utricularia humboldtii 3Utricularia humboldtii - BlüteUtricularia humboldtii - Blüte Utricularia humboldtii - Fangblase South America (VE, GY, BR)
Utricularia huntii
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: D. R. Hunt (America) )
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia huntii 7Utricularia huntii - Blüte   South America (BR)
Utricularia hydrocarpa
Vahl 1804
(Gr. 'hydro', 'karpus': water, fruit)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia hydrocarpa 4Utricularia hydrocarpa - Blüte Utricularia hydrocarpa - Fangblase Central and South America (CU, MX, BZ, GT, NI, HN, CR, PA, CO, VE, TT, GY, SR, GF, BR. BO, PY)
Utricularia inaequalis
A. Dc. 1844
(La. 'inaequalia': unequal, uneven)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia inaequalis 3Utricularia inaequalis - Blüte Utricularia inaequalis - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia incisa
(A. Rich) Alain 1956
(La. 'incisus', 'inciso': to cut up, cut open)
Utricularia aquatic
  7   Central America (Antilles)
Utricularia inflata
Walter 1788
(La. 'inflatus': blown up, swollen)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia inflata 7Utricularia inflata - Blüte Utricularia inflata - Fangblase North America (US)
Utricularia inflexa
Forssk. 1775
(La. 'inflecto': to bend, curve)
Utricularia aquatic
  1   Africa (north to south), Asia (IN), MG
Utricularia intermedia
Hayne 1800
(La. 'inter', 'medius': among, middle)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia intermedia 7Utricularia intermedia - Blüte Utricularia intermedia - Fangblase Asia (RU, JP, CN), Europe (DE,...), North America (CA, US)
Utricularia inthanonensis
Suksathan & J. Parn. 2010
(Origin: Doi Inthanon NP, TH)
Phyllaria lithophytic Utricularia inthanonensis 3Utricularia inthanonensis - Blüte   Asia (TH)
Utricularia involvens
Ridl. 1895
(La. 'involvo': to roll on, wrap up)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia involvens 7Utricularia involvens - Blüte Utricularia involvens - Fangblase Asia (MM, TH, MY), Australia (NT)
Utricularia jamesoniana
Oliv. 1860
(Collector: Jameson (Britain) )
Orchidioides epiphytic Utricularia jamesoniana 2Utricularia jamesoniana - Blüte Utricularia jamesoniana - Fangblase Central and South America (Antilles, GT, NI, CR, PA, VE, BR, CO, PE, BO,...)
Utricularia juncea
Vahl. 1804
(La. 'iuncus': rush)
Stomoisia terrestrial Utricularia juncea 7Utricularia juncea - Blüte Utricularia juncea - Fangblase North America (US), Central and South America (Antilles, BZ, GT, HN, NI, CU, VE, CO, GY,...)
Utricularia kamienskii
F. Muell. 1893
(Botanist: F. Kamienski (Poland) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial   1Utricularia kamienskii - Blüte   Australia (NT)
Utricularia kenneallyi
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: K. F. Kenneally (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial   3   Australia (WA)
Utricularia kimberleyensis
C. A. Gardner 1930
(Origin: Kimberly Range, WA)
Pleiochasia terrestrial 3Utricularia kimberleyensis - Blüte   Australia (WA, NT)
Utricularia kumaonensis
Oliv. 1859
(Origin: Kumaon, IN)
Phyllaria epiphytic,
  1   Asia (IN, NP, BT, MM, CN)
Utricularia laciniata
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(La. 'lacinia': flap, corner)
Aranella terrestrial Utricularia laciniata 1Utricularia laciniata - Blüte Utricularia laciniata - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia lasiocaulis
F. Muell. 1885
(Gr. 'lasios', 'kaulos': wooly, stem)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia aff.lasiocaulis 3Utricularia aff. lasiocaulis - BlüteUtricularia lasiocaulis - Blüte Utricularia aff. lasiocaulis - Fangblase Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia lateriflora
R. Br. 1810
(La. 'latus', 'flos': side, flower)
Australes terrestrial Utricularia lateriflora 3Utricularia lateriflora - Blüte Utricularia lateriflora - Fangblase Australia (SA, VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD)
Utricularia laxa
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(La. 'laxus': lax, loose)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia laxa 7Utricularia laxa - Blüte Utricularia laxa - Fangblase South America (AR, UY, PY, BR)
Utricularia lazulina
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'lazu': azure)
Oligocista terrestrial   3   Asia (IN)
Utricularia leptoplectra
F. Muell. 1885
(Gr. 'leptos', 'plektos': tiny, woven)
Nelipus subaquatic,
Utricularia leptoplectra 3Utricularia leptoplectra 'Girraween' - Blüte Utricularia leptoplectra - Fangblase Australia (WA, NT)
Utricularia leptorhyncha
O. Schwarz 1927
(Gr. 'leptos', 'rhynchos': tiny, proboscis)
Pleiochasia terrestrial   3Utricularia leptorhyncha - BlüteUtricularia leptorhyncha - Blüte   Australia (WA, NT)
Utricularia letestui
P. Taylor 1989
(Collector: Le Testu (France) )
Oligocista terrestrial   7   Africa (CF)
Utricularia limosa
R. Br. 1810
(La. 'limus': mud)
Nelipus subaquatic,
  3Utricularia limosa - BlüteUtricularia limosa - Blüte   Asia (CN, TH, LA, VN, MY, PG), Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia livida
E. Mey. 1837
(La. 'lividus': bluish, black and blue)
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia livida 'Mexiko' 2Utricularia livida 'Mexiko' - BlüteUtricularia livida - BlüteUtricularia livida 'lemon flower' - Blüte Utricularia livida - Fangblase Africa (tropical and south), MG, Central America (MX)
Utricularia lloydii
Merl ex F. E. Lloyd 1932
(Botanist: F. E. Lloyd (Britain) )
Oligocista terrestrial   7Utricularia lloydii - Blüte   Central and South America (PA, VE, BR, SR, BO)
Utricularia longeciliata
A. Dc. 1844
(La. 'longe', 'cilium': long, fine hair)
Aranella terrestrial Utricularia longeciliata 7Utricularia longeciliata - kleistogame BlütenUtricularia longeciliata - Blüte Utricularia longeciliata - Fangblase South America (CO, VE, GY, SR, BR)
Utricularia longifolia
Gardner 1842
(La. 'longe', 'folium': long ,leaf)
Foliosa lithophytic,
Utricularia longifolia var. forgetiana 2Utricularia longifolia var. forgetiana - Blüte Utricularia longifolia var. forgetiana - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia lowriei
R. W. Jobson 2013
(Botanist: Allen Lowrie (Australia) )
Pleiochasia subaquatic,
  6   Australia (QLD)
Utricularia macrocheilos
(P. Taylor) P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'makros', 'kheilos': large, lip, border)
Oligocista terrestrial   7Utricularia macrocheilos - Blüte   Africa (GN, SL)
Utricularia macrorhiza
J. Le Conte 1824
(La. 'makros', 'rhiza': large, root)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia macrorhiza 7Utricularia macrorhiza - Blüte Utricularia macrorhiza - Fangblase Asia (RU, MN, CN), North America (CA, US, MX),
Utricularia mangshanensis
G. W. Hu 2007
(Origin: Mangshan Mountains, CN)
Kamienskia terrestrial   1   Asia (CN)
Utricularia mannii
Oliv. 1865
(Collector: Mann (Britain) )
Chelidon epiphytic Utricularia mannii 7Utricularia mannii - Blüte Utricularia mannii - Fangblase Africa (GN, CM, NG)
Utricularia menziesii
R. Br. 1810
(Collector: Menzies (Britain) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia menziesii 5Utricularia menziesii - Blüte Utricularia menziesii - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia meyeri
Pilg. 1901
(Collector: H. Meyer (DE) )
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia meyeri 7Utricularia meyeri - Blüte   South America (BR)
Utricularia microcalyx
(P. Taylor) P. Taylor 1971
(Gr. 'mikros': small + calyx)
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia microcalyx 1   Africa (ZR, ZM)
Utricularia micropetala
Sm. 1819
(Gr. 'mikros': small + petal)
Oligocista terrestrial   7Utricularia micropetala - Blüte   Africa (GN, SL, NG, CF)
Utricularia minor
L. 1753
(La. 'minor': smaller)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia minor 7Utricularia minor - Blüte Utricularia minor - Fangblase Asia (TR, AF, IN, NP, BT, CN, Siberia, MM, JP, PG), Europe (DE,...), North America (CA, US)
Utricularia minutissima
J. Vahl 1804
(La. 'minutus': small, paltry)
Meionula terrestrial Utricularia minutissima 2Utricularia minutissima - BlüteUtricularia minutissima - Blüte Utricularia minutissima - Fangblase Asia (MM, Borneo, LK, CN, IN, Indochina, JP, MY, PG, PH, Sumatra, TH), Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia mirabilis
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'mirabilus': admirable)
Mirabiles rheophytic   1   South America (VE)
Utricularia monanthos
Hook. F. 1860
(La. 'mono', 'anthos': single, flower)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia monanthos 3Utricularia monanthos - Blüte Utricularia monanthos - Fangblase Australia (VIC, NSW, TAS), NZ
Utricularia moniliformis
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'monile', 'forma': necklace, form)
Phyllaria lithophytic Utricularia moniliformis 3Utricularia moniliformis - Blüte Utricularia moniliformis - Fangblase Asia (LK)
Utricularia muelleri
Kamienski 1894
(Botanist: F. von Mueller (Australia) )
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia muelleri 7   Asia (PG), Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia multicaulis
Oliv. 1859
(La. 'multi', 'caulis': many, stalk)
Phyllaria lithophytic,
  1   Asia (NP, IN, BT, CN, MM)
Utricularia multifida
R. Br. 1810
(La. 'multi', 'fidum': many, point)
Polypompholyx terrestrial Utricularia multifida 4Utricularia multifida - BlüteUtricularia multifida - Blüte Utricularia multifida - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia myriocista
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(Gr. 'myrioi', 'kiste': million, cell, bladder)
Vesiculina aquatic
Utricularia myriocista 4Utricularia myriocista - Blüte   South America (TT, VE, GY, SR, GF, BR, AR, BO)
Utricularia nana
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(La. 'nanus': dwarf)
Benjaminia terrestrial Utricularia nana 7Utricularia nana - BlüteUtricularia nana - Blüte Utricularia nana - Fangblase South America (VE, GY, SR, GF, BR, PY)
Utricularia naviculata
P. Taylor 1967
(La. 'navicula': small boat)
Utricularia aquatic
  1   South America (VE, BR)
Utricularia nelumbifolia
Gardner 1852
(La. 'nelumbo', 'folium': lotus, leaf)
Orchidioides aquatic-
Utricularia nelumbifolia 3Utricularia nelumbifolia - BlüteUtricularia nelumbifolia - Blüte Utricularia nelumbifolia - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia neottioides
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(Allusion: Neottia (Orchidaceae) )
Avesicaria rheophytic Utricularia neottioides 1Utricularia neottioides - Blüte   South America (CO, VE, BR, BO)
Utricularia nephrophylla
Benj. 1847
(Gr. 'nephros', 'phyllon': kidney, leaf)
Orchidioides lithophytic Utricularia nephrophylla 2Utricularia nephrophylla - BlüteUtricularia nephrophylla 'pink flower' - Blüte Utricularia nephrophylla - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia nervosa
G. Weber ex Benj. 1847
(La. 'nervosus': sinewy, vigorous)
Avesicaria terrestrial Utricularia nervosa 7Utricularia nervosa - Blüte Utricularia nervosa - Fangblase South America (CO, VE, BR, PY, AR)
Utricularia nigrescens
Sylven 1909
(La. 'nigresco': to darken, blacken)
Avesicaria terrestrial Utricularia nigrescens 7Utricularia nigrescens - Blüte   South America (BR)
Utricularia novae-zelandiae
Hook. F. 1853
(Origin: NZ)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia novae-zelandiae 3Utricularia novae-zelandiae - Blüte Utricularia novae-zelandiae - Fangblase Asia (NC), NZ
Utricularia odontosepala
Stapf 1912
(La. 'odous': tooth + sepal)
Calpidisca terrestrial   3   Africa (ZR, MW, ZM)
Utricularia odorata
Pellegr. 1920
(La. 'odoratus': perfumed, sweet-smelling)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia odorata 7Utricularia odorata - Blüte Utricularia odorata - Fangblase Asia (TH, Indochina), Australia (NT)
Utricularia olivacea
Wright ex Griseb. 1866
(La. 'oliva': olive, olive tree)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia olivacea 1Utricularia olivacea - Blüte Utricularia olivacea - Fangblase Central and South America (Antilles, CU, NI, TT, VE, GY, SR, BR, BO), North America (US)
Utricularia oliveriana
Steyerm. 1953
(Botanist: D. Oliver (Britain) )
Avesicaria rheophytic Utricularia oliveriana 1Utricularia oliveriana - Blüte Utricularia oliveriana - Fangblase South America (CO, VE, BR)
Utricularia panamensis
Steyerm. ex P. Taylor 1986
(Origin: PA, Central America)
Foliosa lithophytic   3   Central America (PA)
Utricularia parthenopipes
P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'parthenopipes', Collector: voyeur,
R. M. Harley (Britain) )
Aranella terrestrial Utricularia parthenopipes 1Utricularia parthenopipes - Blüte Utricularia parthenopipes - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia paulineae
Lowrie 1998
(Collector: Pauline Lowrie (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia paulineae 3Utricularia paulineae - Blüte Utricularia paulineae - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia pentadactyla
P. Taylor 1954
(Gr. 'penta', 'daktylos': five, finger)
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia pentadactyla 2Utricularia pentadactyla - Blüte Utricularia pentadactyla - Fangblase Africa (tropical)
Utricularia peranomala
P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'pera', 'nomos': absolutely, law)
Kamienskia lithophytic   7   Asia (CN)
Utricularia perversa
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'perversus': awry, squint)
Utricularia aquatic
  7   Central America (MX)
Utricularia petersoniae
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: Mrs. K. M. Peterson)
Foliosa lithophytic Utricularia petersoniae 3 Utricularia petersoniae - Fangblase Central America (MX)
Utricularia petertaylorii
Lowrie 2002
(Botanist: Peter Taylor (Britain) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia petertaylorii 3Utricularia petertaylorii - Blüte Utricularia petertaylorii - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia phusoidaoensis
Suksathan & J. Parn. 2010
(Origin: Phu Soi Dao, TH)
Phyllaria lithophytic   3   Asia (TH)
Utricularia physoceras
P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'physos', 'keras': inflated, horn)
Avesicaria terrestrial   4   South America (BR)
Utricularia pierrei
Pellegr. 1920
(Collector: Pierre (France) )
Oligocista terrestrial   7   Asia (Indochina)
Utricularia platensis
Speg. 1899
(Origin: Rio de la Plata, AR)
Utricularia aquatic
  7   South America (AR, UY, BR, PY)
Utricularia pobeguinii
Pellegr. 1914
(Collector: Pobeguin (France) )
Oligocista terrestrial   3Utricularia pobeguinii - Blüte   Africa (GN)
Utricularia poconensis
Fromm 1985
(Origin: Pocone, BR)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia poconensis 1Utricularia poconensis - Blüte   South America (BR, BO, AR)
Utricularia podadena
P. Taylor 1964
(Gr. 'pous', 'aden': foot, gland)
Candollea terrestrial   7   Africa (MW, MZ)
Utricularia polygaloides
Edgew. 1847
(Allusion: Polygala (Polygalaceae) )
Oligocista terrestrial   3   Asia (IN, LK)
Utricularia praelonga
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(La. 'praelongus': very long, very tall)
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia praelonga 7Utricularia praelonga - Blüte Utricularia praelonga - Fangblase South America (BR, PY, AR)
Utricularia praeterita
P. Taylor 1983
(La. 'praeteritus': past, gone by)
Oligocista terrestrial   3Utricularia praeterita - Blüte   Asia (IN)
Utricularia praetermissa
P. Taylor 1976
(La. 'praeter', 'missus': beyond, excepting,
mentioned, reported)
Orchidioides epiphytic,
Utricularia praetermissa 1Utricularia praetermissa - Blüte Utricularia praetermissa - Fangblase Central America (NI, CR, PA)
Utricularia prehensilis
E. Mey. 1837
(La. 'prehensus', 'prehendo': to take hold of,
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia prehensilis 7Utricularia prehensilis - Blüte Utricularia prehensilis - Fangblase Africa (tropical and south), MG
Utricularia pubescens
Sm. 1819
(La. 'pubes': downy)
Lloydia lithophytic,
Utricularia pubescens 2Utricularia pubescens - Blüte Utricularia pubescens - Fangblase Africa (tropical), Asia (IN), Central and South America (PA, CO, VE, GY, BR)
Utricularia pulchra
P. Taylor 1977
(La. 'pulcher': beautiful)
Phyllaria lithophytic,
  3   Asia (PG)
Utricularia punctata
Wall. ex A. Dc. 1844
(La. 'punctus', 'pungo': to prick, pierce)
Utricularia aquatic
3   Asia (MM, TH, Indochina, MY, Sumatra, Borneo)
Utricularia purpurea
Walter 1788
(La. 'purpura': purple)
Vesiculina aquatic
Utricularia purpurea 4Utricularia purpurea - Blüte Utricularia purpurea - Fangblase Central America (Antilles, BS, CU, JM, MX, BZ, CR), North America (CA, US)
Utricularia purpureocaerulea
A. St.-Hil. & Girard 1838
(La. 'purpura', 'cearuleus': purple, dark blue,
dark green)
Aranella terrestrial   3Utricularia purpureocaerulea - Blüte   South America (BR)
Utricularia pusilla
Vahl 1804
(La. 'pusillus': puny)
Avesicaria terrestrial Utricularia pusilla 7Utricularia pusilla - Blüte Utricularia pusilla - Fangblase Central and South America (Antilles, MX, BZ, GT, HN, NI, CR, CU, VE, CO, PE,...)
Utricularia quelchii
N. E. Br. 1901
(Collector: Quelch (Britain) )
Orchidioides epiphytic,
Utricularia quelchii 4Utricularia quelchii 'Auyan Tepui' - BlüteUtricularia quelchii 'Wei Tepui' - BlüteUtricularia quelchii 'Ilu Tepui' - Blüte Utricularia quelchii - Fangblase South America (VE, GY, BR)
Utricularia quinquedentata
F. Muell. ex P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'quinque', 'dentatus': five, toothed)
Pleiochasia terrestrial   1Utricularia quinquedentata - Blüte   Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia radiata
Small 1903
(La. 'radiatus': radiant, radiating)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia radiata 7Utricularia radiata - Blüte   North America (CA, US)
Utricularia raynalii
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: J. Raynal (France) )
Utricularia aquatic
  4   Africa (SN, BF, CM, TD, CF, RW, SD)
Utricularia recta
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'recte': straight)
Oligocista terrestrial   7Utricularia recta - Blüte   Asia (IN, NP, BT, CN)
Utricularia reflexa
Oliv. 1865
(La. 'reflexus', 'reflecto': to bend back, turn back)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia reflexa 7Utricularia reflexa - Blüte   Africa (tropical), MG
Utricularia regia
Zamudio & Olvera 2009
(La. 'regia': royal)
Foliosa lithophytic   4   Central America (MX)
Utricularia reniformis
A. St.-Hil. 1830
(La. 'renes': kidney + form)
Orchidioides epiphytic,
Utricularia reniformis 'large' 3Utricularia reniformis 'large' - BlüteUtricularia reniformis 'small' - Blüte Utricularia reniformis - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia resupinata
B. D. Greene 1840
(La. 'resupinus': lying back, face upwards)
Lecticula subaquatic Utricularia resupinata 4Utricularia resupinata - Blüte Utricularia resupinata - Fangblase North America (CA, US), Central America (BZ, CU, NI)
Utricularia reticulata
Sm. 1805
(La. 'reticulum': small net)
Oligocista subaquatic,
Utricularia reticulata 3 Utricularia reticulata - Fangblase Asia (IN, LK)
Utricularia rhododactylos
P. Taylor 1986
(Gr. 'rhodos', 'daktylos': rose, finger)
Pleiochasia subaquatic,
  3   Australia (NT)
Utricularia rigida
Benj. 1847
(La. 'rigidus': stiff, hard)
Avesicarioides rheophytic   1   Africa (SN, ML, GW, GN, SL, CI, NG)
Utricularia rostrata
A. Fleischm. & Rivadavia 2009
(La. 'rostro': beak)
Aranella terrestrial Utricularia rostrata 4Utricularia rostrata - Blüte Utricularia rostrata - Fangblase South America (BR)
Utricularia salwinensis
Hand.-Mazz. 1936
(Origin: Salween River, MM)
Phyllaria lithophytic,
  1   Asia (CN)
Utricularia sandersonii
Oliv. 1865
(Collector: Sanderson (Britain) )
Calpidisca lithophytic Utricularia sandersonii 2Utricularia sandersonii - BlüteUtricularia sandersonii 'blue flower' - Blüte Utricularia sandersonii - Fangblase Africa (ZA)
Utricularia sandwithii
P. Taylor 1967
(Collector: N. Y. Sandwith (Britain) )
Aranella terrestrial Utricularia sandwithii 7Utricularia sandwithii - Blüte Utricularia sandwithii - Fangblase South America (GY, SR, BR, VE)
Utricularia scandens
Benj. 1847
(La. 'scando': to climb, mount)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia scandens 7Utricularia scandens - Blüte   Africa (tropical), MG, Asia (IN, BD, LK, NP, MM, TH, VN, CN, MY, PG)
Utricularia schultesii
A. Fernandez 1964
(Collector: Schultes (CO) )
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia schultesii 2Utricularia schultesii - Blüte   South America (CO, VE)
Utricularia simmonsii
Lowrie, Cowie & Conran 2008
(Collector: Paul Simmons (Australia) )
Minutae terrestrial Utricularia simmonsii 5Utricularia simmonsii - Blüte Utricularia simmonsii - Fangblase Australia (QLD, NT)
Utricularia simplex
R. Br. 1810
(La. 'simplex': simple, single)
Australes terrestrial Utricularia simplex 3Utricularia simplex - Blüte Utricularia simplex - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia simulans
Pilg. 1914
(La. 'simulo': to imitate, impersonate)
Aranella terrestrial Utricularia simulans 7Utricularia simulans - Blüte Utricularia simulans - Fangblase Africa (tropical), Central and South America (CU, BZ, CO, VE, GY, SR, GF, BR, BO, PY), North America (Florida)
Utricularia singeriana
F. Muell. 1891
(Collector: Singer (Australia) )
Pleiochasia terrestrial   3Utricularia singeriana - Blüte   Australia (WA, NT)
Utricularia smithiana
Wight 1849
(Botanist: J. E. Smith (Britain) )
Oligocista subaquatic,
  3   Asia (IN)
Utricularia spinomarginata
Suksathan & J. Parn. 2010
(La. 'spina', 'marginata': spine, margined)
Phyllaria lithophytic   1   Asia (TH)
Utricularia spiralis
Sm. 1819
(La. 'spira': coil, twisted band)
Oligocista terrestrial   3Utricularia spiralis - Blüte   Africa (GN, SL, LR, CI, TD, GA, ZR, BI, TZ, MW, ZM, AO)
Utricularia spruceana
Benth. ex Oliv. 1860
(Collector: Spruce (Britain) )
Lecticula subaquatic,
  1   South America (BR, VE, CO)
Utricularia stanfieldii
P. Taylor 1963
(Collector: D. P. Stanfield (Britain) )
Avesicaria terrestrial   7   Africa (SL, LR, CI, TG, NG)
Utricularia steenisii
P. Taylor 1986
(Botanist: C. G. G. J. van Steenis (Indonesia) )
Phyllaria lithophytic,
  1   Asia (Sumatra)
Utricularia stellaris
L. F. 1781
(La. 'stella': star)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia stellaris 7   Africa (north to south), Asia (IN, BD, LK, NP, MM, VN), Australia (WA, NT, QLD), MG
Utricularia steyermarkii
P. Taylor 1967
(Botanist: J. A. Steyermark (America) )
Steyermarkia lithophytic Utricularia steyermarkii 7Utricularia steyermarkii - Blüte Utricularia steyermarkii - Fangblase South America (VE)
Utricularia striata
J. Le Conte ex Torr. 1819
(La. 'striatus': striped)
Utricularia subaquatic Utricularia striata 7Utricularia striata - Blüte Utricularia striata - Fangblase North America (US)
Utricularia striatula
Sm. 1819
(La. 'striatus': striped)
Phyllaria epiphytic,
Utricularia striatula 1Utricularia striatula - Blüte   Africa (tropical), Asia (CN, IN, NP, BT, TH, PG,...)
Utricularia subramanyamii
Janarth. & A. N. Henry 1989
(Botanist: K. Subramanyam (IN) )
Oligocista terrestrial   3   Asia (IN)
Utricularia subulata
L. 1753
(La. 'subula': awl)
Avesicaria terrestrial Utricularia subulata 7Utricularia subulata - BlüteUtricularia subulata - kleistogame Blüte Utricularia subulata - Fangblase Africa (tropical), Asia (IN, TH, MY, Borneo), Australia (QLD, NT), Europe (PT), MG, North America (CA, US), Central and South America (...)
Utricularia tenella
R. Br. 1810
(La. 'tenellulus': dainty, little)
Polypompholyx terrestrial Utricularia tenella 4Utricularia tenella - Blüte Utricularia tenella - Fangblase Australia (WA, SA, VIC, TAS)
Utricularia tenuicaulis
Miki 1935
(La. 'tenuis', 'caulis': thin, fine, stalk)
Utricularia aquatic
  7   Asia (JP)
Utricularia tenuissima
Tutin 1934
(La. 'tenuis': thin, fine)
Martinia terrestrial   1Utricularia tenuissima - Blüte   South America (TT, VE, CO, GY, SR, BR)
Utricularia terrae-reginae
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'terra', 'regina': land, queen)
Pleiochasia terrestrial   1   Australia (QLD)
Utricularia tetraloba
P. Taylor 1963
(La. 'tetra', 'lobus': four, lobe)
Avesicarioides rheophytic   1Utricularia tetraloba - Blüte   Africa (GN, SL)
Utricularia tortilis
Welw. ex Oliv. 1865
(La. 'tortilis': twisted, winding)
Oligocista terrestrial   3   Africa (tropical)
Utricularia trichophylla
Spruce ex Oliv. 1860
(Gr. 'thrix', 'phyllon': hair, leaf)
Avesicaria aquatic,
Utricularia trichophylla 7Utricularia trichophylla - Blüte Utricularia trichophylla - Fangblase Central and South America (BZ, NI, TT, VE, GY, SR, GF, BR, BO, PY, PE)
Utricularia tricolor
A. St.-Hil. 1833
(La. 'tri', 'color': three, colour)
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia tricolor 3Utricularia tricolor - Blüte Utricularia tricolor - Fangblase South America (AR, UY, BR, PY, BO, CO, VE)
Utricularia tridactyla
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'tri', Gr. 'daktylos: three, finger)
Pleiochasia terrestrial   3Utricularia tridactyla - Blüte   Australia (WA)
Utricularia tridentata
Sylven 1909
(La. 'tri', 'dentatus': three, toothed)
Foliosa terrestrial Utricularia tridentata 3Utricularia tridentata - Blüte Utricularia tridentata - Fangblase South America (AR, UY, BR)
Utricularia triflora
P. Taylor 1986
(La. 'tri', 'flos': three, flower)
Pleiochasia terrestrial 3   Australia (NT)
Utricularia triloba
Benj. 1847
(La. 'tri', 'lobus': three, lobe)
Avesicaria terrestrial Utricularia triloba 7Utricularia triloba - Blüte Utricularia triloba - Fangblase Central and South America (BZ, TT, CO, GY, SR, GF,BR, BO, PE, PY, AR)
Utricularia troupinii
P. Taylor 1971
(Collector: Troupin (Belgium) )
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia troupinii 7Utricularia troupinii - Blüte Utricularia troupinii - Fangblase Africa (BI, RW)
Utricularia tubulata
F. Muell. 1875
(La. 'tubus': pipe)
Pleiochasia aquatic
Utricularia tubulata 4Utricularia tubulata - Blüte Utricularia tubulata - Fangblase Australia (WA, NT, QLD)
Utricularia uliginosa
J. Vahl 1804
(La. 'uligo': moisture, marshiness)
Oligocista subaquatic,
Utricularia uliginosa 3Utricularia uliginosa - Blüte Utricularia uliginosa - Fangblase Asia (IN to NC), Australia (WA, NSW, QLD, NT)
Utricularia uniflora
R. Br. 1810
(La. 'uni', 'flos': one, flower)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia uniflora 2Utricularia uniflora - BlüteUtricularia uniflora 'L-Form' - Blüte Utricularia uniflora - Fangblase Australia (VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD)
Utricularia unifolia
Ruiz & Pav. 1797
(La. 'uni', 'folium': one, leaf)
Orchidioides epiphytic,
Utricularia unifolia 3Utricularia unifolia - Blüte   Central and South America (NI, CR, PA, VE, CO, EC, PE, BO)
Utricularia violacea
R. Br. 1810
(Allusion: Viola (Violaceae), violet)
Pleiochasia terrestrial Utricularia violacea 2Utricularia violacea - BlüteUtricularia violacea - Blüte Utricularia violacea - Fangblase Australia (WA, SA, VIC, TAS)
Utricularia viscosa
Spruce ex Oliv. 1860
(La. 'visco': to make sticky)
Sprucea subaquatic,
Utricularia viscosa 3Utricularia viscosa - Blüte   Central and South America (BZ, NI, TT, VE, GY, SR, GF, BR)
Utricularia vitellina
Ridl. 1923
(La. 'vitellus': egg yolk)
Oligocista terrestrial Utricularia vitellina 7   Asia (MY)
Utricularia volubilis
R. Br. 1810
(La. 'volubilis': spinning, revolving)
Pleiochasia aquatic
Utricularia volubilis 3Utricularia volubilis - Blüte Utricularia volubilis - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia vulgaris
L. 1753
(La. 'vulgare': common)
Utricularia aquatic
Utricularia vulgaris 7Utricularia vulgaris - Blüte Utricularia vulgaris - Fangblase Africa (north), Asia (RU, SY, TR, AF, PK, CN), Europe (DE,...)
Utricularia warburgii
Goebel 1891
(Botanist: O. Warburg (DE) )
Nigrescentes terrestrial Utricularia warburgii 3Utricularia warburgii - Blüte Utricularia warburgii - Fangblase Asia (CN)
Utricularia warmingii
Kamienski 1894
(Botanist: E. Warming (Danmark) )
Utricularia aquatic
  7   South America (VE, BR, BO)
Utricularia welwitschii
Oliv. 1865
(Collector: Welwitsch (Portugal) )
Calpidisca terrestrial Utricularia welwitschii 3Utricularia welwitschii - BlüteUtricularia ex bisquamata var. esterhuysenae - Blüten Utricularia welwitschii - Fangblase Africa (ZR, TZ, MW, ZW, ZM), MG
Utricularia westonii
P. Taylor 1986
(Collector: A. S. Weston (Australia) )
Tridentaria terrestrial Utricularia westonii 3Utricularia westonii - Blüte Utricularia westonii - Fangblase Australia (WA)
Utricularia wightiana
P. Taylor 1986
(Botanist: R. Wight (Britain) )
Oligocista terrestrial   3   Asia (IN)
Utricularia x
[alpina x campbelliana]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia alpina x campbelliana 4Utricularia alpina x campbelliana - Blüte Utricularia alpina x campbelliana - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[alpina x endresii]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia alpina x endresii 2Utricularia alpina x endresii - Blüte Utricularia alpina x endresii - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[alpina x humboldtii]
'Nüdlinger Flair'
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia alpina x humboldtii 3Utricularia alpina x humboldtii - Blüte Utricularia alpina x humboldtii - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[calycifida x longifolia]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia calycifida x longifolia 3 Utricularia calycifida x longifolia - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[endresii x alpina]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia endresii x alpina 3 Utricularia endresii x alpina - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[humboldtii x quelchii]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia humboldtii x quelchii 4Utricularia humboldtii x quelchii - Blüte Utricularia humboldtii x quelchii - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[macrorhiza x tenuicaulis]
x japonica
x Hybrid (Utricularia) aquatic
  7   Asia (tropical and temperate), Europe (DE,...)
Utricularia x
[minor x intermedia]
x ochroleuca
x Hybrid (Utricularia) aquatic
Utricularia x ochroleuca 7Utricularia x ochroleuca - BlüteUtricularia x ochroleuca - Blüte Utricularia x ochroleuca - Fangblase Asia (AF, JP), Europe (DE,...), North America (CA, US)
Utricularia x
[nelumbifolia x geminiloba]
x Hybrid epiphytic Utricularia nelumbifolia x geminiloba 3Utricularia nelumbifolia x geminiloba - Blüte Utricularia nelumbifolia x geminiloba - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[nelumbifolia x reniformis]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia nelumbifolia x reniformis 3Utricularia nelumbifolia x reniformis - Blüte Utricularia nelumbifolia x reniformis - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[nephrophylla x geminiloba]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia nephrophylla x geminiloba 2Utricularia nephrophylla x geminiloba - Blüte Utricularia nephrophylla x geminiloba - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[nephrophylla x nelumbifolia]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia nephrophylla x nelumbifolia 2Utricularia nephrophylla x nelumbifolia - Blüte Utricularia nephrophylla x nelumbifolia - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[praelonga x livida]
x Hybrid terrestrial Utricularia praelonga x livida 2 Utricularia praelonga x livida - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[quelchii x praetermissa]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia quelchii x praetermissa 4Utricularia quelchii x praetermissa - Blüte Utricularia quelchii x praetermissa - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[reniformis x nelumbifolia]
x Hybrid epiphytic,
Utricularia reniformis x nelumbifolia 3Utricularia reniformis x nelumbifolia - Blüte Utricularia reniformis x nelumbifolia - Fangblase x (Hybrid)
Utricularia x
[vulgaris x tenuicaulis]
x neglecta
x Hybrid (Utricularia) aquatic
Utricularia x neglecta 7Utricularia x neglecta - Blüte   Europe (DE,...)

I didn't take all the pictures by myself: You can identify other pictures, because the thumbnail is brighter. In addition the file name contains the surname of the photographer.

Many thanks to Martin Hingst, Matthias Teichert & Markus Welge, Christian Klein, Alexander Fisch, Andreas Fleischmann, Christian Dietz, Anja & Holger Hennern, Fernando Rivadavia, Sean Spence, Natthapong Wongphuangfuthaworn, Allen Lowrie, Nigel Hewitt-Cooper, Paulo Minatel, Patrice Charpentier, Barry Rice, Martin Zevenbergen, Sebastián Vieira, Kei Saito, François Mey & Marcello Catalano, Kamil Pásek, Nadja Shields, André Oliveira, Vitor Albuquerque, Robert von Blittersdorff, Hans-Ulrich Meyer & Arntraud Meyer, Thilo Krueger und Carsten Paul for providing their pictures!

ameliae = dichotoma?
australis var. tenuicaulis = tenuicaulis
barkeri = dichotoma?
bentensis = bremii
capillacea = Synonym: scandens
catolesensis = rostrata
chiakiana = gibba
cochleata = subulata?
corneliana = reflexa?
cornigera = reniformis
densiflora = erectiflora
exoleta = gibba
fenshamii = dichotoma?
fibrosa = gibba
grampiana = dichotoma?
jackii = recta
janarthanamii = heterosepala
julianae = tenuissima
linearis = fistulosa
malabarica = praeterita
naikii = praeterita
ochroleuca = x ochroleuca
peltata = pubescens
protrusa = australis
purpurascens = arcuata
racemosa = caerulea
ramosissima = geoffrayi
rosettifolia = aurea
stygia = x ochroleuca
uxoris = jamesoniana

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