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The content / informations on this page about carnivorous plants are based on my own cultivation experience or were taken from reliable sources (see also literature).

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Copyright: The content on this website goes under the copyright of Nicole Rebbert. Photos and drawings were (if not stated otherwise) produced by me and can not be used without my permission.

The only limited exception is Instagram: Pictures that I have previously uploaded to my account "quelchii" can be shared there as long as they do not violate my personal rights. For this, the pictures may not be changed in any way and my account @quelchii has to be tagged and I have to be clearly named as the author / artist.

If works by me are published elsewhere without my written permission (especially if my name is removed and the copyright has been violated!), a flat fee per image will be due.

My photos can of course be used as a reference for drawings, provided I am named in the description of the drawing (reference!) or my account is linked there on the associated website.


Some photos were kindly provided by other carnivorous plant collectors. Many thanks to: Christian Dietz, Daniel Eveslage and Jan Borgmann (and see also Utricularia database).

Many thanks to Prof. M. Wettern, Dr. F. Bittner and Dr. C. Evers of the institution for plant biology (TU Braunschweig) for the support and permission to use the microscopes. A few microscope pictures of the Utricularia traps were taken using a BH-2-Lichtmikroskop.

If you find any mistakes on my site, you can send an e-mail to the address above. Of course you can also send me questions, critiques and ideas for improvement.

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